15 Easy Rice Bowl Recipes


When you just don’t know what to make for dinner tonight, here’s what to do: Cook a pot of rice, quinoa, farro, or any other grain, rummage through your refrigerator to find vegetables, pile everything into a bowl, and top it all off with a protein (A fried egg! Grilled chicken! Tofu!). To really make your dinner shine, drizzle on a quick sauce or a squeeze of lemon juice— it makes a huge difference. These colorful, easy rice bowl recipes are basically riffs on that formula, including simple ideas for weeknight meals and more creative bowls to spice-up your Wednesday.

Whether you’re looking for healthy meal options or filling vegetarian recipes, rice bowls are always packed with nutritious ingredients that won’t leave you feeling hungry afterwards. Plus, rice bowls are easily customizable. Each member of your family can pick and choose what they want to put in or leave out, making this a foolproof family dinner idea. Just set out the ingredients in different bowls and let everyone DIY their dinner. We promise— you won’t hear any complaints! And if you just can’t get enough, rice bowls make the best leftovers for lunch the next day.

Source : Goodhousekeeping