Ranking LeBron’s James’ best NBA playoff series ever


We’re used to a four-course meal when it comes to watching LeBron James in the postseason. For seven straight years now, he’s made it to the final game.

On Sunday, James will play in his first Round 1 Game 7, looking to avoid the earliest playoff exit of his career. He’s been brilliant, carrying the Cleveland Cavaliers in every conceivable way with a roster that never truly jelled and a supporting cast that hasn’t packed much of a punch through the first six games.

Lost in all of this: In the 42nd playoff series of his career, James is playing as well as ever. So well, in fact, that it had us wondering whether this is actually the most dominant series he’s ever had. That’s no small claim for the postseason’s all-time leading scorer and a three-time Finals MVP.

With the prospect of the NBA playoffs advancing to Round 2 without James on the marquee — something few outside of Indiana likely predicted — let’s take a trip down memory lane and revisit the five most dominant postseason series of his career.

Source : ESPN