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In Station 19‘s inaugural season our favorite firefighters have been put in dozens of dangerous situations and people have died, but those deaths have all been victims of the week. That potentially changed in the show’s first season finale that saw the team battling a gigantic fire in a skyscraper.

The expected drama of the episode was supposed to be who would be made captain of Station 19 after Pruitt (Miguel Sandoval) didn’t back Andy (Jaina Lee Ortiz) or Jack (Grey Damon) for the coveted position. Instead, the episode ended with almost the entire team potentially dead. We’ll break down who is in the most danger as of the season closing.

Montgomery: Montgomery (Jay Hayden) and Ben (Jason George) were determined to have a good day, which in Shondaland is just asking for a disaster. The fire jumped floors and caused a small explosion on the floor they were clearing and a piece of glass went straight into Montgomery’s chest. Ben attempted to drag Montgomery down to triage, a few floors below, but along the way they ran into the office floor captain (Vanessa Marano), who had been trampled while trying to help the rest of the civilians out to safety and left unable to move on the stairs. Montgomery told Ben to take her down first and leave him, knowing that whoever didn’t go with Warren was going to die. Their final scene had Ben prepping his patient to move and looking up to see Montgomery lifeless just a few stairs up, his chest covered in blood. Ben still needs to get his patient to safety before he can come back for Montgomery, and all of that needs to be done before the building starts to collapse. Is it even humanly possible?

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Jack: Jack and Miller (Okieriete Onaodowan) were trying to contain the fire when they found a giant stockpile of combustible materials. When the fire jumped floors, the two tried to make a quick exit but instead found a man who had collapsed on the floor earlier in the day. Andy violated the fire chief’s orders to send Jack, Miller and the victim to an elevator, but Jack sent Miller down with their patient alone while he stayed behind to try and keep the fire from getting to the combustibles for as long as possible with no foreseeable exit plan. The closing scene saw Andy trying to radio Jack to make sure he was still alive but getting no response.

Maya and Vic: Maya (Danielle Savre) and Vic (Barrett Doss) were on the uppermost floor in charge of evacuating victims, which they managed to do, but Vic finally got over her fear of fire in time to fight back. The two stayed behind to try and put out the flames that jumped floors — but their ability to get out depends on how successful Jack is in putting out his fire a couple floors below them. It’s a tragic domino effect.

Pruitt: Pruitt wasn’t present at the fire, but his cancer flared up and he collapsed back at the fire station. Luckily, he had called Ryan (Alberto Frezza) just before and the cop arrived at the same time as Bailey (Chandra Wilson), who came by the firehouse to check on Pruitt when he missed his doctor’s appointment. They found him unresponsive but still breathing on the second floor of the barn. Together they got him into Ryan’s police car and drove him to Grey Sloan, but it’s still to be determined if they got him to the hospital in time to revive him.

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Andy: Andy was a few floors below Jack and has a clear path to get out of the building, but whether she’ll make it out of the building before it collapses still remains to be seen. Her grief over Jack fading out on the radio could definitely slow down her progress in making it down 22 stories in time.

Miller: Miller and his unconscious patient were last seen safe in the elevator on their way to the ground floor, however we didn’t see them officially make it out of the building. Until they get outside before the building collapses, they are in just as much danger as everyone else still stuck inside.

Basically, Station 19 stuck to the Grey’s Anatomy rule that odd seasons are tragic affairs and it ended its first run by leaving everyone we love’s fate up in the air. It’s going to be a long summer before we find out who survived this damn fire.

Station 19 returns this fall on ABC.

Danielle Savre, <em>Station 19</em>Danielle Savre, Station 19

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