12 Best Used Hybrids and EVs


  • Image Credit: Michael Harley

12 Used Hybrids and EVs that aren’t dreary, impractical and/or a Prius

Yesterday, we provided some ideas about how you can reduce your carbon footprint in the wake of the U.N.’s dire warnings about climate change and the need to immediately do as much as we can to stop it. One of the key ways involved your next car purchase. Specifically, we recommended that buying a used hybrid or EV was the best way to achieve the lowest carbon footprint when owning a car.

That said, we readily admit that we don’t want to drive some soulless transportation pod. We like to drive. We like distinctive and stylish cars. We have families that need more space than your typical EV or hybrid provides. Some of us even would prefer an SUV. We don’t think we’re alone.

So, here are 12 used hybrids and EVs that aren’t dreary, impractical and/or a Prius – because we all agreed we didn’t want to drive a Prius. We think these are pretty good, distinctive cars, and the good news is that this list will get even longer as the current wave of desirable new hybrids, plug-in hybrids and EVs start hitting the used and certified pre-owned market.

Source : AutoBlog