22 Easy Instant Pot Desserts


If you own an Instant Pot, you probably already know that this magical kitchen appliance can make the best recipes for weeknight dinners, from filling meat dishes to hearty soups, chilis, and stews — but did you know that it can also make the most delectable desserts? Of course, you might think of the traditional oven as the best method when it comes to baking sweets, but using this handy electric multi-cooker can actually yield surprisingly great results for delicious cake, brownies, and other Instant Pot desserts — not to mention it will churn out these scrumptious treats with minimal effort (and minimal time!). Plus, baking with this appliance basically guarantees that your creation will always come out super-moist and fudgy (so you never have to worry about super dry cake).

Here, we’ve rounded up some of the best Instant Pot desserts to make when you’re looking to whip up a simple and delicious treat with ease. What sort of desserts can you make with a great Instant Pot, you ask? While cheesecakes and creamy puddings might be your immediate go-to options, there are plenty of other decadent treats you could make with this convenient device, including chocolate lava cakes, fruit cobbler, and even crème brûlée — just to name a few. Whichever kind of sweet you’re going for, though, the best part is that these dessert recipes are all super simple to make, and will come out of your Instant Pot with such little stress (and mess!) you’ll be wondering why you hadn’t been making your dessert this way the entire time.

Source : Goodhousekeeping