4-Year-Old Girl Kidnapped From Daycare in Georgia May Be Headed to NYC, Officials Say


What to Know

  • Officials in Georgia issued a be-on-the-lookout bulletin in New York for a father who allegedly kidnapped his daughter from a daycare center

  • The father, who has no custodial rights, allegedly texted the girl’s mother hours after a daycare switch saying they were on a bus to NY

  • Daycare workers had denied him access, but handed the girl to an uncle who is an approved caregiver there — and he gave her to the father

A 4-year-old girl allegedly kidnapped from her daycare in Georgia by her father, who does not have custody, may be heading to New York City, authorities say. 

Police in DeKalb County, where Jimai Hill was taken Aug. 3, issued a be-on-the-lookout bulletin for the girl’s father, Randall Hill, who they say is wanted for interference with custody and kidnapping.

According to that bulletin, Randall Hill, who has no custodial rights to his daughter, and the girl’s uncle went to her daycare at some point last Friday. Randall Hill was denied any access to the child because he is not listed as an approved caregiver at the daycare center. The uncle, however, was listed as an approved caregiver with the facility, though he does not have any custodial rights to the child. 

The uncle checked Jimai Hill out of the facility and then allegedly handed her over to her father, authorities say. The father then told the daycare workers Jimai Hill would not be returning to the center, police say. 

Hours later, the girl’s mother got a text from Randall Hill saying he had their daughter and was on a bus to New York City, possibly to Brooklyn, according to authorities. 

A DeKalb County Police Department spokeswoman said that according to Hill’s Facebook posts, he may be married and living with his wife in the Brooklyn area.

Source : Nbcnewyork