7 Moments That Defined The 2018 Oscars For Better Or For Worse


Director Paul Thomas Anderson has already mentioned that he’d like to see a comedy starring his wife, Maya Rudolph, and Girls Trip breakout Tiffany Haddish, but after their comedy bit at the Oscars, here’s hoping a studio is fast-tracking that idea immediately. The Academy smartly asked the comedians to present two awards, and while I can’t remember who won, I can remember every second of Rudolph and Haddish’s time on stage, from the moment they walked out, shoes in hand, to the moment they promised that there were “so many more white people to come.” They were truly a breath of fresh air during an otherwise predictable, overstuffed show.

Haddish even gave perennial nominee Meryl Streep a shout-out, solidifying Streep’s transformation into front-and-center Jack Nicholson at these Hollywood award shows. “Hi Meryl, I want you to be my mama one day,” she said. “Let’s get this money, girl!” Honestly? Streep seemed pretty down with the idea, so can we make this happen, PTA? And while we’re at it, can Haddish and Rudolph host next year’s Golden Globes? They could give Tina Fey and Amy Poehler a run for their money.

It should also be said that all of the female presenting pairs were delightful, from Laura Dern and Gerwig’s giddiness to the honestly touching moment between Jennifer Lawrence and Jodie Foster, in which J-Law thanked Foster for giving her one of her first acting gigs. And I don’t think anyone will forget the moment Ashley Judd, Salma Hayek, and Annabella Sciorra — three of Harvey Weinstein’s accusers — joined forces onstage to present a video montage on equality and representation in Hollywood.

Source : MTV