A look at Antigravity’s Lithium-Ion battery with new Restart Technology, installed in a Harley Sportster Iron.


If you feel like there are endless aftermarket options available for your motorcycle these days, we’d have to agree, especially when it comes to Harley-Davidsons. Which turned out to be handy when our 2013 Iron 883’s stock battery finally died. It was the perfect opportunity to get our hands on one of Antigravity’s new batteries (with Restart Technology) and check it out for ourselves.

Here’s the deal: Antigravity’s Restart feature is supposed to intelligently monitor the battery’s status; if it senses over-discharge, it will put itself into a sleep mode while saving enough energy to allow you to restart your vehicle. You simply press the Restart button on the battery.

To simplify even more, the Restart Technology is basically a built-in jump starter. Instead of needing to carry an extra tool on your ride in case of an emergency, this battery does that job for you. Picture this: You go out for a ride, and then stop for a break. During the stop, you accidentally leave the bike on ACC and drain the battery. This new battery with the Restart Technology has you covered. You just reach in and press the button located on the top side of the battery, and start your bike. It is that simple. Again, it is essentially a built-in jump-starter, so it does that job for you, without needing extra tools. On a Sportster, or a sportbike, or any cruiser where space is limited, this is the perfect solution. Forget about hauling around a backpack or adding an unsightly swingarm bag; just order one of these and rest easy knowing you’re covered when (or if!) you make a bonehead move out on the road.

The battery we installed was the ATX-12-HD model, which carries an MSRP of $260. By comparison, Harley Sportster OEM batteries have an MSRP of $115. While that is a big jump in price, the Antigravity ATX-12 also gives you a few more performance benefits. The stock battery only delivers a 12-ampere-hour (AH) rating, while the Antigravity has a 14-AH rating. The Antigravity battery also serves up 480 CCA (cold cranking amps), with the stocker providing just 225 CCA.

Source : Hotbikeweb