Auction Life photo submissions due Sept. 3


CARY, N.C.  – 

The Oct. 1 edition of Auto Remarketing will celebrate the National Auto Auction Association’s annual convention.

One of the features in that special NAAA Convention Issue is the annual “Auction Life” photo spread, where we invite NAAA-member auctions to submit photos of daily auction life from the past year.

If you and your auction(s) would like to participate, please submit them to the below Dropbox link no later than 5 p.m. ET on Tuesday Sept. 3. 

Dropbox for NAAA Auction Life Photos

They will need to be in high-resolution, JPG format and identify the auction in the picture(s).

These photos can run the gamut: We want to see everything from the daily business operations and sales days to the life and fun that occurs at your auction (for example: cookouts, special events, holiday parties, team-building activities, etc.)

**Due to space constraints, PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL photos**

Source : AutoFinanceNews