AuctionMaster: A new next-generation auction management system



Integrated Auction Solutions president John Lilly says digital wholesaling “is no doubt the future.”

“But we believe the first step is optimizing an auto auction’s internal processes, workflows, and financial reporting,” Lilly said in a news release.

With that in mind, the company launched AuctionMaster, its next generation wholesale auto auction management system, at Northern Utah Auto Auction in North Logan, Utah.

Lilly describes AuctionMaster as the foundation of the IAS Digital Wholesaling Platform.

The platform includes IAS Simulcast and IAS CoRe Condition Report Writer tool.

He said that with AuctionMaster, auto auctions gain access to a browser-based product on any web browser or mobile phone.

NUAA owner/general manager Chris Williams said the auction’s team is pleased with the launch of the IAS next-generation AuctionMaster. 

“Combined with IAS Simulcast, IAS Marketplace and IAS CoRe, we believe we are positioned well to control our expenses while driving revenue growth both in-lane and digitally,” Williams said.

Williams added, “As we look to provide exceptional service to our dealer buyers and help them source the ‘right’ vehicles at the ‘right’ price, we believe IAS provides an opportunity for us to continue to sell cars in ‘brick and mortar’ auctions, but also provide the opportunity for dealers to buy cars in a digital marketplace.”

Lilly added, “IAS’ Digital Wholesaling Platform enables our auction clients to sell cars in-lane to floor bidders, on-line to Simulcast bidders, or digitally in a fully transactional, digital marketplace. That is pretty powerful.”

Source : AutoFinanceNews