Behind-the-Scenes of Top Chef Junior Season 2


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Here’s What Happened When TV Guide Went Behind-The-Scenes of Top Chef Junior

Nathan Fillion, Eddie George and Marcus Allen

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There’s only one thing that can level up a cooking competition on TV, and that’s substituting kids for adults in the reality show recipe. Instant wholesome goodness, as fans of Top Chef Jr.can attest. Top Chef Jr. is all about growing together, and while the wildly talented young chefs are in direct competition, more often than not you’ll find them helping each other out, whether that means handing over a spare ingredient, brainstorming a meal plan, or just being there for each other no matter how high the stress levels get. It’s 100 percent more fun with 100 percent less drama and infighting.

So with the sweet treat of Season 2 just around corner, what better way to prep than a behind-the-scenes tour of this fall’s most heartwarming reality show? Head judge Curtis Stone and host Vanessa Lachey took TV Guide backstage during Season 2’s heated competition and revealed a side of the show that fans have never seen before! Check out this exclusive set tour, and stay tuned during the season for some delightful sitdowns with this season’s Top Chef Jr. hopefuls.

Top Chef Jr. premieres Saturday, Sept. 8 at 6/5c on Universal Kids.

Source : TVGuide