Best, worst quarterbacks of the first half of the 2018 NFL season by Total QBR


As we pass the midway mark on the 2018 NFL season, the Total QBR leaderboard is a good place to see which quarterbacks have dominated and which have struggled mightily through the first half.

While QBs most often are judged by wins and losses or touchdowns and interceptions, we like to rank them by the stat that measures their per-play contribution to their team’s cause.

An explainer of QBR can be found here, but the main idea is to capture more elements of a quarterback’s play than traditional methods consider. QBR includes the value (or lack thereof) of quarterback rushing, sacks, fumbles, relevant penalties and — crucially — the down and distance of every play. QBR works on a 0-to-100 scale, with 50 roughly average and 75 about Pro Bowl-caliber.

Which quarterbacks were the best and worst in the first half?

Top three

Total QBR: 85.4

Mahomes will beat you, and he will beat you quickly.

Source : ESPN