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The producers couldn’t have timed this Battle Back better. After Fessy was evicted from the Big Brother 20 house on Thursday, he learned that his game wasn’t necessarily over yet. Fessy and the first three jury members — Bayleigh, Rockstar and Scottie — competed for the chance to return to the house in a topsy-turvy comp that found the houseguests having to retrieve spinning balls dangling above them and drop them in tubes.

Upon learning that there’d be a Battle Back, the remaining houseguests were understandably nervous. Bayleigh, Rockstar and Fessy all had major beef with Level 6, who orchestrated all of their evictions. Fessy even managed to alienate Haleigh in the days prior to his eviction, leaving his relationship with his sole remaining alliance member in the house slightly shaky. Scottie, meanwhile, had been betrayed by his own alliance when Fessy nominated him for eviction and Haleigh voted to send him home, so the houseguests weren’t entirely sure where his allegiances would lie if he were to return.

As soon as it was revealed to Bayleigh, Rockstar and Scottie that Fessy was the one joining them in the comp, Fessy took the opportunity to apologize to Scottie (which was honestly the type of sweet moment we aren’t used to on Big Brother). However, as soon as Julie gave the OK, the competition was on and Scottie smoked his fellow houseguests in one of the shortest BB comps in recent history.

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While some might suspect that Scottie’s return could threaten Level 6’s success streak — during which the powerhouse alliance has maintained four consecutive weeks of controlling the evictions and taking out people from Scottie’s side of the house — think again. Upon returning to the house, Scottie revealed to Julie that he actually planned on working with Tyler instead of Haleigh. “I’m going to try and resurrect Skyler, that’s what I’m going to try to do,” Scottie told Julie, before revealing that his biggest target was Tyler’s potential showmance partner Angela.

Basically, things should be quite interesting for the next week. So as Julie always says, expect the unexpected…

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