Big Brother 20’s Angela Rummans Sexy Loofah Costume


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Big Brother cast members usually have very colorful histories, but Season 20’s Angela Rummans’ history just so happens to be lime green — and hilarious.

Now, Rummans may have listed her occupation as a fitness model when she joined the popular reality show, but she also moonlighted as a Halloween costume model for Spirit Halloween’s website too. Spirit is best known for its “sexy anything” costumes, somehow able to make even the lamest of traditional costumes sultry and provocative, and it did not disappoint in Rummans’ case. An old photo has surfaced featuring Rummans modeling an Adult Loofah costume — yes, really — in lime green, because who has normal colored loofahs these days? It’s every bit as amazing as you’d expect.

Angela RummansAngela Rummans

(via Spirit Halloween)

Halloween is right around the corner, and frankly, this is the best costume idea we’ve heard of in ages, so our shopping might be done early this year. And hey, if Angela finds herself on the wrong side of elimination this season, at least we know she’ll always have a great career is costume modeling. Might we suggest a sexy toothbrush next? Oh, or a sexy towel wrack? Make it work, Angela.

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