Big Brother Season 22’s All-Star Cast Won’t Be Announced Until the Live Premiere


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Big Brother Season 22 is shaping up to be unlike any other we’ve seen so far. CBS announced on the show’s various social media accounts on Thursday that it’s shaking up this year’s casting reveal in a big way.

In an unprecedented departure from the show’s usual format, the cast of Season 22 will be announced live as they move into the house during the show’s 2-hour premiere episode. In previous years, houseguests have been introduced to the audience in advance, so this should make the premiere an even bigger must-watch event.

This season will be the show’s second All-Star season. We don’t know yet know how many houseguests there will be yet, but CBS has promised a variety of “winners, finalists, legends, memorable personalities, and some of the best to never win the game.”

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In an effort to obey social distancing guidelines, the show will implement new COVID-19 protocols to keep the cast safe and healthy. Houseguests will be tested on a weekly basis and will have no contact with any crew members. All the supplies they receive will be disinfected, and the live eviction shows will no longer have a studio audience in order to maintain quarantine.

Big Brother Season 22 premieres Wednesday, Aug. 5.

Julie Chen, <em>Big Brother</em>Julie Chen, Big Brother

Source : TVGuide