Breaking Down Hollywood Stars’ Film and TV Salaries: Tom Cruise & More


It pays to be an actor—and for some stars, it pays a lot!

From on the big screen to little screens everywhere, actors and actresses entertain the masses with their talents. But just how much are they making for these roles?

On July 20, Variety shared two separate groups of data: one with the salaries of various movie stars and one with the salaries that various television stars are taking home per episode.

Keep reading to see which stars take home a jaw-dropping salary, according to the outlet.

In the film department, Tom Cruise is raking in the highest figures, likely earning $100 million for his work in Top Gun: MaverickThe actor’s hefty payday is allegedly due to the fact that Tom has a unique deal in the industry where he gets a percentage of the film’s first-dollar profit before the studio breaks even. Therefore, his paycheck will likely come from a combination of ticket sales, his salary and his payment from home entertainment rentals and streaming revenue. The aviation film has already earned about $1.2 billion at the global box office.

Source : Today