Buccaneers’ Tom Brady sends jersey to Washington’s Chase Young – Tampa Bay Buccaneers Blog


TAMPA, Fla. – One week after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the Washington Football Team 31-23 in the wild-card round of the playoffs, quarterback Tom Brady made good on his word, sending rookie defensive end Chase Young an autographed jersey, which Young posted about on Instagram Saturday.

On it, Brady wrote “Good Luck!” and “Go Blue!” playing up the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry. Brady, who went to Michigan, suspected that was part of the reason Young, who went to Ohio State, said after Washington clinched a playoff berth, “I want Tom Brady!”

The Bucs had Brady miked up throughout the wild-card game. At one point, Young went up to him and said, “I’ve gotta shake your hand. … It’s all respect.”

Then after the game, Brady told Young, “Hey Chase, way to play, bro.”

Young responded, “I appreciate you. … You’re the real GOAT. I need something from you, though. I need something from you, though.”

Brady asked, “What do you need?”

Young pointed to Brady’s jersey and said, “I need this off of you.”

Brady then said, “I’ll get it to you, I’ll send it to you.”

Brady has been on the receiving end of a few jerseys this year too. Arizona Cardinals wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins posted on Twitter that he was giving away a signed jersey to the best meme, to which Brady responded with an image of a goat (and won).

Source : ESPN