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Friday Night Lights alum Kyle Chandler is replacing George Clooney as Colonel Cathcart in Hulu’s adaption of the classic Joseph Heller novel, Catch-22.

Clooney felt he was being spread too thin and is taking on a more minor part in order to reduce his work load. Already slated to executive produce the six-part limited series and direct multiple episodes, Clooney will now play Lieutenant Scheisskopf, a sadistic cadet school training commander who is sent overseas to lead the U.S.’s operations in the Mediterranean.

His presence will make the lives of Captain Yossarian (played by Girls alum Christopher Abbott) and other members of the fictional 256th Squadron pure hell. Meanwhile, Chandler’s Cathcart will make things more difficult for Yossarian by continually sending him out on dangerous missions despite his dwindling sanity.

The series’ all-star lineup also includes former House actor Hugh Laurie who will play Major de Coverley, a jazz-loving executive officer who marches to the beat of his own drum.

The story follows Yossarian and several other squadron members based on the Italian island of Pianosa during World War II. They’re put in an impossible situation as the army demands more missions to fulfill their service requirements and any choice they make to maintain their sanity comes at a major cost.

In addition to Friday Night Lights, Chandler is also known for his work on the Netflix drama Bloodline, a memorable arc on Grey’s Anatomy and film roles in Argo, Manchester By the Sea and Super 8.

Kyle Chandler, Friday Night LightsKyle Chandler, Friday Night Lights

Source : TVGuide