Child’s Play Is What Happens When A Killer Robot Takes Over Your Home


The Child’s Play reboot keeps getting scarier every time we see a bit more of it, and its latest trailer has us thoroughly creeped out. This time around, we even get to hear his unsettling new voice.

The latest Chucky flick, which is described as a “contemporary reimagining of the 1988 horror classic,” has plenty of new tricks up its sleeve. It follows a single mother named Karen (Aubrey Plaza) who gifts her son Andy (Gabriel Bateman) one of the newest Buddi doll models, which is upgraded from the “Good Guys” toys we saw in the original Child’s Play and subsequent Chucky movies. The Buddi doll has internet connectivity. And it looks like Buddi’s up to no good.

Like we previously thought, the Buddi doll replaces the traditional Chucky doll as a sort of smart companion that can control all the functions of your smartphone from an app. The trailer briefly details some of the functionality the doll has: Buddi Game, which lets you play with the doll, and Buddi Art, which lets you draw pictures with Buddi, seem innocuous enough. But Buddi Cloud, Buddi Phone, Buddi Video, and Buddi Drone all have sinister implications. Each let Buddi connect to a Kaslan App or KasDrone, except for the Video mode, which lets you “see what Buddi sees.”

The Kaslan app is obviously meant to be a hub for “Kaslan products and smart home devices” mentioned briefly in the trailer. There’s a brief shot of a Kaslan-branded thermostat that’s similar to a Nest product. The chilling implications here are that Chucky could, presumably, take over all of your home’s functions, depending on which are controlled through the Kaslan app. That’s actually far more scarier than having to run from a doll with the spirit of a murderer inside, especially since it has so many other avenues to trap you.

This time around, Chucky won’t be voiced by original actor Brad Dourif but Luke Skywalker himself Mark Hamill will be stepping in to lend his talents to the role. Brian Tyree Henry will also star alongside Plaza, Bateman, and Hamill, which should make for a pretty killer cast.

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“Something’s wrong with Chucky!” yells Andy as he tries to convince mom Karen that his Buddi doll has some rotten qualities. Um, yeah. That’s for sure.

Child’s Play is set to terrorize moviegoers on June 21, 2019.

Source : MTV