Chris Christie Tweets During Storm That He’s Stuck in Traffic, Gets Dragged on Twitter


What to Know

  • Among the people complaining to Gov. Murphy on Twitter about being stuck in traffic from the storm Thursday was predecessor Chris Christie

  • “It took me 5 hours and 40 minutes to travel from Piscataway to Mendham. #snowmess,” tweeted Christie

  • People instantly piled on the former governor, referencing the infamous Bridgegate scandal that saw his popularity tank

When Gov. Phil Murphy tweeted Thursday night that “the storm was worse [than] originally forecasted,” New Jerseyans were quick to complain about his handling of the storm, but one person responding to Murphy on Twitter stood out in particular: predecessor Chris Christie. 

Murphy had posted photos showing him along with state police, transportation and highway officials at the statewide traffic management center, writing, “We will not stop working until our roads are clear.”

His tweet immediately drew backlash from angry and frustrated residents who complained he should have prepared better; many were stuck in hours-long traffic on New Jersey highways and bridges.

But one reply in particular raised eyebrows. 

Murphy Addresses New Jersey Storm Problems

“It took me 5 hours and 40 minutes to travel from Piscataway to Mendham. #snowmess,” former Gov. Chris Christie, a Republican, responded to Murphy, a Democrat. 

And then the audience turned their wrath on Christie.

“Imagine being trapped on a bridge because your mayor won’t endorse a monster for governor,” wrote @RachelOsiris, referencing the infamous bridge lane-closure scandal that engulfed Christie and his administration in the last years of his tenure. 

“It is still too early for YOU to complain about being stuck in traffic,” tweeted @LA_LaVilla.

“YOU are complaining about sitting traffic? WHAT A JOKE!! At least traffic was due to Mother Natue and not YOUR FRIENDS! KARMA IS A GREAT THING!” @skepmi raged.

“Look up irony! Then ask yourself if ‘ironic’ is how you want to be remembered,” said @The_John_Powers

“You should have tried how long it takes when the Governor closes a bridge for revenge,” mused @DraDeGuardia. 

The attacks went on and on, complete with GIFs and the infamous Twitter snark. 

“Dude… you should have known you were gonna be destroyed for this tweet. Come on now!” one person said. 

“I’m just here for the replies,” another woman wryly piped in. 

Christie, who’s rumored to be in consideration for U.S. attorney general, left office with approval ratings in tatters; one survey released in April 2017 ranked him the most unpopular governor in America, with 71 percent of New Jerseyans disapproving of him. 

Source : Nbcnewyork