Coronavirus Spreads Amid Supply Shortages, Stay-at-Home Orders and Sobering Economics


And he urged Americans even in states that had not yet been hit hard by the virus to take it seriously.

“So, to the extent people watch their nightly news in Kansas and say, well, this is a New York problem, that’s not what these numbers say. It says it’s a New York problem today. Tomorrow, it’s a Kansas problem and a Texas problem and a New Mexico problem.”

Mr. Cuomo said that playgrounds in New York City would be ordered closed, because people were not following social distancing rules, but that parks and other open spaces would remain open. And he spoke in emotional terms about learning that his younger brother, Chris Cuomo, the CNN anchor, had the coronavirus. He explained that even though he knew that statistics suggest that his brother would not require hospitalization, it unsettled him.

“Even though that’s what all the numbers say, when he told me he had the coronavirus, it scared me,’’ Governor Cuomo said. “It frightened me. Why? Because we still don’t know. We still don’t know. And even if there’s just a one percent, two percent chance — it’s frightening. It is frightening. It frightened me.”

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