Could Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl Be Getting More Spin-Offs?


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When Nora West-Allen (Jessica Parker Kennedy) first appeared on The Flash, it was hard not to wonder what her life in the future was like and just how much of XS’s superhero origin story we’d get to see. As it turns out, The CW might be interested in seeing that kind of story too.

At the Television Critics Association winter press tour, CW President Mark Pedowitz spoke about the future of the network’s various superhero shows saying, “Things will age, and we want to get the next generation of shows to keep this CW DC universe going for as many years as possible.”

As all Degrassi fans will tell you, you can’t just throw around the words “next generation” without setting off a few alarms. While developing a new swath of shows that appeal to the next generation is all well and good, is The CW looking at the literal next generation of superheroes from the characters we know and love on The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow for a potential series?

“You know what, we are looking for what works. The nice thing about having this Arrowverse is you get to see characters, and if something pops you have the ability to extend it. So yes, we look all the time.”

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We already have Nora West-Allen and her fantastic speedster abilities, and thanks to Arrow‘s flash-forward storyline this season, we’ve gotten to know Oliver’s son, William (Ben Lewis) as a grown up — complete with hacking abilities. That sure sounds like the start of a kickass Next Gen Arrowverse to us! Nora’s got enough of that quirky charm and William’s got enough of Oliver’s broody nature to make this a team-up for the ages after all! And we’re not even going to imagine a world in which a child of Kara’s would be anything other than awesome.

Unfortunately, it may be a dream for a little further in the future (pun intended) than we’d like. With the potential launch of Batwoman taking up the focus on the CW superhero front next season, any other potential Arrowverse spin-off would have to be banked for a time when the CW lineup isn’t quite so full of DC super shows. Pedowitz did not confirm whether any of the recently renewed series would be entering their final seasons, but if we had to pick one, we’d guess Arrow is most likely to be reaching the end of its run in the next couple of years.

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