Cox Automotive makes executive moves on wholesale digital team



With Cox Automotive continuing to emphasize digitization in both wholesale and retail and aiming to connect its digital offerings across the company’s brands, it has appointed Derek Hansen — previously the Manheim vice president of offsite solutions — to a role leading the Stockwave and iRecon teams at vAuto.

Meantime, it has added Connie Suozzo and Blake Kennedy to new leadership posts in Manheim Digital, which is led by Zach Hallowell, VP of Manheim Digital.

Suozzo, a 2016 Women in Remarketing honoree, is now the associate vice president of open digital and offsite. She has been with Manheim since 2013 and her most recent post was leading Manheim Digital’s upstream client programs.

Kennedy is now associate vice president of private digital stores and optimizations. He had been on Manheim sales team for five years, following 15 years with OPENLANE.

Hansen has been with Cox Automotive since January 2015, when he came aboard as senior director of strategy planning.

“As more clients lean into digital channels for their inventory needs, we have the opportunity and responsibility to give clients the tools they need to acquire and dispose of inventory more strategically and more efficiently than ever before,” Hallowell said in a news release.

“These leaders are the ideal people to move us into this next phase of digital wholesale, and their ability to work collaboratively across groups will help us create new connections across Cox Automotive’s inventory platforms,” he said.

Source : AutoFinanceNews