Criminal Minds Season 14 Episode 5 Tall Man Sneak Peek: What Is Tall Man Doing with These Girls?


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Criminal Minds Sneak Peek: The Tall Man Is Taking Teen Girls

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It’s urban legend time on Criminal Minds! The BAU is getting into the spirit of Halloween by solving a mysterious set of kidnappings in J.J.’s (A.J. Cook) hometown that were allegedly perpetrated by Tall Man.

Tall Man is an urban legend about a — you guessed it — abnormally tall man who abducts victims in the woods and then cuts them until they reveal their darkest secrets. Brave teenagers purposefully venture into the woods and chant for Tall Man to find them and if they survive the night, they’ve survived the terrifying legend.

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The team arrives after three teen girls go missing, but one of them manages to make it back to a hospital where she’s treated for severe cuts. Our exclusive sneak peek shows Alvez (Adam Rodriguez) and Lewis (Aisha Tyler) questioning the girl to find out what she saw in the woods, but her memory is hazy. She was doing the chant when her two friends found her saying they need to talk. Before they can have a real conversation, they fall to the ground unconscious. Our victim doesn’t remember what happened between then and being found, which is going to make it hard for the team to figure out where her friends are and find them before they suffer a worse fate.

The Halloween episode is directed by Matthew Gray-Gubler and will bring up traumatic memories for J.J. about her older sister’s tragic death years before.

Criminal Minds airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on CBS.

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Adam Rodriguez and Aisha Tyler, <em>Criminal Minds</em>Adam Rodriguez and Aisha Tyler, Criminal Minds

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