Dave Bautista Fails To Outwit A 9-Year-Old In My Spy Trailer


Hungry for throwback comedies that explore established tropes? Dave Bautista‘s got one for you.

My Spy is a family-friendly comedy with a trailer that just hit CinemaCon, and it’ll have you reaching for the phone to call up your folks and visit your local Blockbuster (you know, the last one in existence.) It’s a gleeful tribute to classic family flicks that looks hilarious.

Bautista plays a CIA agent named J.J. who’s about to lose his job, unless he can prove himself in some way. He ends up working with an expert: a nine-year-old named Sophie (Chloe Coleman). He’s been sent undercover to keep an eye on her family, except she’s got a leg up on him with some compromising footage.

In exchange for her to stay quiet, J.J. agrees to cut a deal with Sophie to toughen her up and teach her “spy stuff,” like walking away from explosions and how to pass a lie detector test.

“J.J., I believe you that you’ve never taken steroids,” Sophie says with a straight face, passing the lie detector test J.J. has administered with CIA compatriot Kristen Schaal.

“Damn, she’s good,” says Schaal in amazement.

The trailer gives us some serious The Pacifier vibes, with its throwback plot and precocious child star. It looks like little Sophie is going to steal the spotlight every time she’s on screen.

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Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like there’s a release date for the film just yet, so you’ll have to get your quota of feel-good ’90s movies from the selection of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson movies with plots similar in tone.

In a climate where so many movies are grimdark or fishing for awards, it’s cool to see there are still these one-off flicks that take us back to a simpler time – even if it does find Bautista clearly being less adept at his job than a little girl. Drax would never approve.

Source : MTV