Donovan the Stubborn Horse Stands His Ground During SoCal Fire


Donovan tends to do things on his own terms.

The white horse who lives on a Malibu ranch was rescued from a rough life of mistreatment about a dozen years ago in Sacramento, which explains why he’s always been leary of humans.

So, it wasn’t a surprise to Wendell Phillips, co-owner of Spunky‚Äôs Rescue Ranch, that Donovan didn’t budge when flames from the 98,000-acre Woolsey Fire started licking at the Decker Canyon property. Phillips and three other horses had to evacuate without Donovan when the fire, which started in Ventura County before quickly burning into LA County and toward the ocean, got dangerously close.

“I let the horses go and opened the house up and opened the sanctuary up so everybody would have a chance,” Phillips said.

Phillips left food and water out for Donovan, who remained standing near his usual spot near the fenceline.

His desperate strategy worked. Donovan was there on the hillside when he returned, his white coat standing out against the charred landscape.

“He’s got a couple little burns on his nose and his tail’s a whole lot shorter than it used to be,” said Phillips.

And, there’s more good news. During the frantic hours of the evacuation, Phillips said he learned Donovan was going to be adopted.

As of Thursday morning, the Woolsey Fire had scorched through 98,362 acres and was 57 percent contained. It has destroyed an estimated 504 structures and damaged another 96.

Three deaths have been reported in connection with the fire.

Source : Nbcnewyork