Electric taxis in Oslo to be charged using wireless technology


Taxis in the Norwegian capital, Oslo, are set to use wireless fast-charging technology to keep them running.

In an announcement Thursday, Finnish energy firm Fortum said it would work with the City of Oslo and Momentum Dynamics, a U.S. company, to build the system.

The project will use induction technology, with charging plates installed in areas where taxis, which will carry a receiver for the charging, park.

“We will install the wireless chargers at taxi stands, such as the one at… Oslo Central Station,” Annika Hoffner, the head of Fortum Charge and Drive, said in a statement.

“Taxis will be able to drive up to the charger and a wireless charging session will automatically start,” Hoffner added, explaining that taxis could charge while waiting for new customers.

The rollout of a wireless charging system in Oslo is part of a wider transition to cleaner types of transport in the country.

In 2018, there were 46,143 new passenger car registrations for battery electric vehicles in Norway, according to the European Automobile Manufacturers Association.

Sture Portvik, electric mobility manager for the City of Oslo, said that all taxis in Oslo would be zero-emission from 2023.

Source : CNBC