Find Out Who Kevin Hart Caught Cheating on Celebrity Game Face



The first of the episode’s two cheating scandals—yes, two!—occurred during “Mouthing Off,” a game that consists of one team member trying to get their partner to say certain words. Though this sounds relatively easy, the contestant charged with repeating the words actually has to do so with a mouth full of whipped cream!

Each set of words falls under a particular category, and Kelly and Jack definitely had an advantage when theirs turned out to be “superheroes,” as the latter is apparently very knowledgeable.

But when Jack was able to decipher nearly every word Kelly said, Loni pointed out that he had failed to refill Kelly’s mouth after each word, as initially instructed.

An instant replay was ultimately required, but the clip wasn’t that damning: Kelly’s mouth was only partially full a single time.

Still, the Osbourne duo ended up losing a point!

Source : Today