Flavor Flav performs memorable national anthem at Bucks-Hawks


The Milwaukee Bucks had a special guest for their national anthem on Sunday — rapper and hype man Flavor Flav.

He donned a No. 59 jersey, referring to the year he was born, while decked out in his signature look of a chain with a clock pendant, sideways white hat and glasses. The 64-year-old Grammy Award-nominated musician showed off his singing voice in the nearly three-minute performance.

A founding member of the rap group Public Enemy and New York native, Flavor Flav was grateful that the Bucks franchise allowed him to fulfill a dream.

“The anthem was a long time bucket list item … that was fun! I can’t live my life worried about what people might say about me,” he wrote on X. “I won’t let that stop me from trying new things and doing things I wanna do. Some people might not like that. But a sure failure is if you stop trying.”

The anthem seemed to motivate the Atlanta Hawks, who came into their matchup with the Bucks winless. Atlanta defeated Milwaukee 127-110, holding Damian Lillard to just six points.

Source : ESPN