Former Cox Automotive analyst launches online CPO marketplace


Former Cox Automotive analyst Zo Rahim, who knows a thing or two about the used-car market, has launched a new platform and marketplace focused solely on certified pre-owned vehicles.

CPyO (which Rahim explains is pronounced SEE-PEE-YO) is a desktop solution that is designed to help dealers increase visibility of their CPO units for sale, help automakers boost awareness of their certified programs and give consumers more confidence in shopping CPO.

CPyO has launched in Atlanta, with plans to expand in the second quarter. The company describes the platform currently resembling a “search engine bringing together CPO listings offered by various brands.”

The plan is to broaden it and allow dealers and OEMs to list and market CPO vehicles, helping them target a niche group of consumers specifically looking for certified vehicles.

“With roughly 3 million sales per year, certified pre-owned vehicles play a vital role in the used retail market,” said Rahim, who is CPyO’s founder and chief executive officer, in a news release.

“CPyO provides a new way for brands and dealers to highlight their CPO products and interact with a growing tech-savvy and budget-conscious consumer base learning more about CPO every day while facing affordability and supply challenges from the broader retail market,” he said.

CPyO aims to allow for direct and/or exclusive certified vehicle lists and also plans to add built-in vehicle comparison tools for consumers, the company said.

“While we are excited about this launch, we are even more excited about our roadmap,” Rahim said. “We are looking forward to enhancing our offerings to brands, dealers, and consumers for a robust and easy way to explore the world of CPO. Using state-of-the art-technologies and an innovate approach to the used retail market, CPyO is ready to offer the market an unparalleled solution.”

More information can be found at And stay tuned for an upcoming episode of the Auto Remarketing Podcast, where we will talk with Rahim about CPyO in more detail.

Source : AutoFinanceNews