FX’s The Most Dangerous Animal of All Trailer Introduces a Personal Search for the Zodiac Killer


FX’s new docuseries The Most Dangerous Animal of All is ready to take audiences on a very different hunt for the Zodiac Killer. The four-part mini-series follows the man who could be the son of the infamous and elusive killer.

Based on The New York Times best-selling book of the same name, the series explores Gary L. Stewart’s search for the father who abandoned him, Earl Van Best. Jr. During that search, Stewart learns that Van Best not only resembled the Zodiac killer — one of the most obsessed-over serial killers in American history — but that he might have actually been him.

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Executive-produced by Ross M. Dinerstein and Academy Award-nominated director Kief Davidson, The Most Dangerous Animal of All combines true crime with tangible and relatable human emotions such as rejection, horror, sadness, and fear.

“We really wanted to tell a story that’s not your traditional true crime story,” Davidson told reporters at a Television Critics Association winter press tour panel in January. “This is a story about a man’s quest for his identity. For me, it wasn’t about if we could solve this case or not. For me, it was more about could this be an intriguing story? And the answer is yes. We were able to get weird with it and really create a hybrid between documentary and scripted that’s really never been done before.”

The Most Dangerous Animal of All premieres all four episodes on Friday, March 6 on FX. The series will arrive on FX on Hulu the following day.

Source : TVGuide