Garage & Shop Essentials For Motorcycle Enthusiasts


Some riders simply cover and stash their bike in a dark corner for the next few months, while others keep busy doing important maintenance so their rides keep running..

We’re in the second category because winter is the perfect time of year to work on and/or modify your motorcycle for the next riding season. Yeah, you may have tools and accessories already, but it doesn’t hurt to invest in a few more so you can get the job done right. From handy work lights to diagnostic tools to full-on kits, we show you everything you need to transform your home garage into a professional-grade motorcycle workspace. They’ll be sure to entice you into the garage for regular winter wrenching sessions.

Maintain and modify your motorcycle with the included 24-inch loading ramp, hand-operated tire bead breaker for quick tire changes, wheel balancer, a 1,100-pound motorcycle jack, a stool with built-in tray, and a whole load of accessories that will come in handy when you get your or your buddy’s bike on the table. All these components are delivered on a shrink-wrapped pallet for added convenience and savings on individual item shipping costs. If this kit from Rage isn’t enough for what you had in mind, check out its other motorcycle shop bundles.

The Code: REaD allows you to view live sensor data in real time through your iOS or Android smartphone, which adds to the convenience of this highly effective diagnostic tool. Plug-and-play installation and Bluetooth communication make for an even easier and quicker way to tap into your motorcycle’s brain. Check on rpm info, cylinder head temps, voltage, gear selection, and more info that will not only help get your bike up and running better again, but will keep it operating to its full potential for the many miles ahead.

This kit includes two galvanized combo pegboard panels (a total of 32 x 32 inches of wall coverage), a 6-inch-deep shelf assembly, three plastic bins with bin hanger, a screwdriver and hammer holder, 15 assorted hooks and brackets, and mounting hardware to transform your boring wall into an organized masterpiece. Invest your hard-earned bucks in these American-made panels that have been engineered to last a lifetime.

The Delonghi Comfort Temp heater also boasts a thermal shut-off mode that prevents overheating, which means you can leave it running unattended to keep your workspace heated while taking a break from the job. The control panel also features three heat settings to better customize your actual heating needs.

Source : Hotbikeweb