Hackers Went after Disgraced GOP Fundraiser. Now He Is After Them.


At least 19 of the hackers’ targets are senior officials or prominent citizens of the U.A.E., including diplomats whose emails have previously been leaked to the public.

At least 15 of the targets are senior officials or diplomats from Egypt, a close ally of the U.A.E. and a foe of Qatar. Among the Egyptian targets was General Abbas Kamel, now the director of the Egyptian Intelligence Service and previously the chief of staff to President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. Several embarrassing audio recordings from Mr. Kamel’s office have leaked through Islamist media, leading to speculation about spying by some foreign government sympathetic to Islamists — possibly Qatar.

At least two of the targets are American former employees of the Glover Park Group, a Washington public affairs firm that has worked for the U.A.E.

Several other targets were outspoken critics of Qatar, including the American Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, the British-based commentator Amjad Taha Yassin, and the former Dutch intelligence analyst Ronald Sandee.

Others, however, were not obvious antagonists of Qatar. Another, Kristin Wood, is a former official of the C.I.A. though she is now an adviser to a private security company that is part of DynCorp, which had worked for the U.A.E., there is no indication she was involved in that work or any other project that might have drawn Qatar’s interest. It is possible that hackers were hired to carry out many attacks for multiple clients.

The Bollywood targets — including the stars Aishwarya Devan, Anushka Sharma, Meghanna Raj and Nikki Galrani — suggest the hackers may have been fans, the lawyers said. “My guess is, this was a frolic of the hackers,” Mr. Wolosky said.

In his opinion dismissing Mr. Broidy’s claim against Qatar, Judge John F. Walker of the district court for central California noted “the growing prevalence of attacks in cyberspace” and suggested that “it may be an appropriate time for Congress to consider a cyber attack exception” to sovereign immunity. North Korea and Russia also have been accused of conducting such attacks on American citizens.

Whatever the outcome in the courts, Mr. Wolosky argued, “we have evidence that establishes in the court of public opinion what really happened.”

Source : Nytimes