Halsey’s hoops Twitter handle adds to Lakers’ NBA Finals run, but where’d she go?


Where is Halsey? More specifically, where is Lakers Twitter’s leader — the @Halseyandone account?

The 26-year-old singer, songwriter and activist is a big Los Angeles Lakers fan and was part of a virtual crowd during the playoffs. Halsey started her basketball-only Twitter account on Sept. 8, and it has more than 113,000 followers.

“Just want a place to tweet about basketball :),” she said in her first tweet from the account.

Since then, the Lakers have gone 10-2 against their opponents and are one win from an NBA championship.

However, after the Miami Heat won Game 3, @Halseyandone disappeared. It’s one of the biggest questions ahead of Game 5 of the NBA Finals (9 p.m. ET on ABC/ESPN App).

Here are some of the best from the first three games:

What happened: The Heat looked great in the first quarter, and Halsey was understandably nervous. But not nervous enough to skip the tacos. At halftime, she reminded fans what’s on the line — a 17th NBA title. With the Lakers comfortably leading in the second half, Halsey settled into some trash talking. She also hit on a common theme of Lakers Twitter — that everyone somehow needed to be reminded how good the Lakers were — they were, of course, the top seed in the Western Conference with the best player on the planet. But Halsey, and the rest of the Lakers’ fans, could rest easy.

Afterward, she held her own news conference, breaking down her performance shutting down haters.

What happened: Ready for Game 2, Halsey did not have sympathy for the Heat, who lost Bam Adebayo and Goran Dragic to injury in Game 1. Lakers guard Danny Green, like seemingly every game, was not spared from social media complaints. Dwight Howard, however, was.

“Are we okay” could sum up a lot of feelings during the first half of Game 3. Miami is on fire, and Jimmy Butler is having a game. Halsey’s getting candy to cope.

There is also a petition on change.org to deny Kyle Kuzma a ring if the Lakers win. Kuzma “responds” with 19 points in Game 3.

What happened: Butler finishes with 40 points and a triple-double. Lakers center Anthony Davis, due to foul trouble and poor play, was ineffective. But the refs drew much of the ire from Halsey, and Lakers fans, during the game. That is until Herro made his now-famous sneer.

Hating on Tyler Herro Part 2

And that’s where it ends. @Halseyandone hasn’t tweeted since Oct. 4. We didn’t see her the next game. Not a single meme during Tuesday’s Game 4, which L.A. won 102-96.

In her non-basketball world, Halsey has been seen, at least on Twitter. She released, on Oct. 4, a video from vote.org in which she talks with Vermont senator Bernie Sanders. On Oct. 7, she tweeted out a photo of the cover of V Magazine with her on it.

But nothing about hoops. ESPN reached out to her for a comment on Twitter, as well as through her record label multiple times, but did not get a response.

Will she return for Game 5? Is she superstitious? Hopefully, with the candy ready, she’s back for what could be a title-winning game for the Lakers.

Source : ESPN