‘Hamilton’ Movie To Debut In 2021, With Original Broadway Cast


Don’t throw away your shot just yet. Hamilton is finally coming to the big screen with a theatrical adaptation of the wildly popular Broadway show.

Disney is bringing a movie version of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s opus with the original Broadway cast to cinemas across North America starting next year, so be sure to mark your calendars and get ready to see the larger-than-life

“Lin-Manuel Miranda created an unforgettable theater experience and a true cultural phenomenon, and it was for good reason that Hamilton was hailed as an astonishing work of art,” said Disney CEO Bob Iger in a statement. “All who saw it with the original cast will never forget that singular experience. And we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to share this same Broadway experience with millions of people around the world.”

Miranda himself took to Twitter to make the announcement, which is undoubtedly one of the coolest things Hamilton fans have heard for some time. As securing tickets to the show has long been difficult, giving that they typically trend upward in price, this will mean those who still haven’t had a chance to see the story unfold on stage can finally experience it with the cast that made it so memorable in the first place.

“I fell in love with musical storytelling growing up with the legendary Howard Ashman – Alan Menken Disney collaborations — The Little Mermaid, Beauty and The Beast, Aladdin,” Miranda said of the announcement. “I’m so proud of what Tommy Kail has been able to capture in this filmed version of Hamilton — a live theatrical experience that feels just as immediate in your local movie theater. We’re excited to partner with Disney to bring the original Broadway company of Hamilton to the largest audience possible.”

Hamilton is expected to hit theaters on October 15, 2021. That should give you plenty of time to practice those songs.

Source : MTV