How to buy a vehicle with tech


Everyone’s got a list of features that their next car absolutely must have. For some folks, this is easier than for others. Got six kids? You’re looking at three-row crossovers or minivans. But what if you crave technology in your ride? Sure, some cars are known for catering to tech-craving folks, but it’s not always easy to broadly survey the entire field of vehicles on sale and see everything in your category.

We thought about this a lot, and we came up with an idea: What in-car technologies are predictive of that vehicle having a broad suite of techie features? If we could put every new car on sale through a filter like that, we’d come up with a useful list to help you shop.

Well, that’s exactly what we did. First of all, the three technologies? Navigation, voice recognition, and adaptive cruise control. Choose all three (that is, select the “Tech” category), and the vehicles that Autoblog’s Car Finder tool will serve up are likely to have a whole host of tech features available or standard. If one of these specific technologies is all you really need, just choose one sub-filter.

That’s it! The list is easy to pare down by using price, vehicle size, vehicle style or type, and transmission filters. Plug in as many filters as you want to narrow down the list even further. If you don’t get any results, try taking a filter off. You may have accidentally selected a combination of attributes that doesn’t match any car on sale.

Good luck, and we hope you find the perfect car to satisfy your tech-savvy life.

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Source : AutoBlog