How to Ripen Peaches Perfectly Every Time


Summer is finally here, and it’s time to venture to the farmer’s market to pick out the best that this season has to offer, like corn, tomatoes, peaches and nectarines. Few things are more delicious than a ripe summer peach. But, there is nothing worse than coming back from the grocery store with an abundance of summer fruits and vegetables and realizing your peaches are underripe and, lets face it, practically inedible. They’re crunchy and flavorless — nothing like how a ripe peach should be. And unless you know how to pick peaches, and you’re plucking them straight from the tree, you can’t assure ripe fruit every time. Until now! Here’s the secret to how to ripen peaches, for when you’re craving some juicy fruit.

With a little patience, you can have the perfect peach. Here’s a guide to ripe peaches no matter how unripe they are when you buy them at the store. Do you want your peaches with a little crunch? Or would you rather peach juice be running down your chin as you bite into the super succulent fruit? Well, whichever way you slice it, with these tips, your peaches will be perfect. And it’s easy as pie.

Sweet and Simple

If you purchased peaches that weren’t quite ready to eat, but you aren’t itching to eat them right this second, you can leave them on the counter at room temperature until they reach desired ripeness.


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But don’t let them sit for too long … someone might get to ’em before you do!

I Want My Peach Now

If you got home and realize your summer peaches are harder than you thought and are hoping to eat them within a couple days, pop them into a paper bag, close it and wait.


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The fruit emits ethylene gas and trapping that within the bag will help the fruit ripen. They should be good to go within a couple of days, depending on how hard they were to begin with. To speed this up, toss in an apple (apples have more ethylene gas than peaches, so they will give the whole process a supercharge).

Slow Things Down

If you brought home more ripe peaches than you can eat within a couple of days or you have already gotten your peaches to just the right eating ripeness and don’t want to go any further, pop them in the fridge.


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This slows down the ripening process or will help already ripe peaches stay ready to eat a bit longer. Make sure to eat these guys within a couple days. The cold slows down ripening but doesn’t stop it altogether. And lengthy stay in the fridge can dry them out.

Now, with all of your ripe peaches, why not give them a peel and make a pie, a cobbler or a salad? Or eat them as they are – sweet, juicy and perfectly ripe.

Source : Goodhousekeeping