Least reliable cars and trucks of 2022


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Every year, Consumer Reports ranks new cars based on their predicted reliability. We often see Toyota, Lexus, and a few other automakers near the top. But on the other side of the coin, the list of least reliable vehicles sometimes contains surprises.  

The organization surveys its members to determine the vehicles that exhibited the most problems over the prior year. Owners are asked about creaks and rattles, the durability of parts and trim, and mechanical issues. Consumer Reports assigns a weight to each problem and then uses them to create a score, with 100 being the best.

Some familiar names appear on the list of least reliable vehicles (in order with the lowest predicted reliability score at the top), but there are a few eyebrow-raising models, followed by CR’s score:

  1. Ford F-150 Hybrid: 4
  2. Hyundai Kona Electric: 5
  3. Lincoln Aviator: 8
  4. Nissan Sentra: 9
  5. Ford Explorer: 16
  6. Chevrolet Bolt: 17
  7. Chevrolet Silverado 1500/GMC Sierra 1500: 19
  8. Jeep Gladiator: 21
  9. Mercedes-Benz GLE: 23
  10. Jeep Wrangler: 24

Consumer Reports noted that sedans are the most reliable vehicle category and found that trucks are far lower on the list. That said, the survey showed that trucks from American brands tended to have better reliability scores, so it’s surprising to see GM’s big two and the Ford F-150 on the list.

Part of their problematic ownership experience could be due to the fact that all three trucks have received recent updates, and the Ford was completely redesigned for 2022. New tech, fresh drivetrain components, and other improvements can upset the balance of reliability and make newer models look less dependable than their older counterparts.

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