Loveland residents sue city over months of basement flooding – The Denver Post


Two Loveland homeowners have filed a complaint against the city seeking $15,000 for damages for flooding that occurred in their home in 2016 that they say was the result of a poorly maintained city water line.

The city has denied liability for the flooding.

Donette Norris and Dawn Winters own the single-family home at 2468 Oleander Court, just south of Conrad Ball Middle School. Norris and Winters say they began experiencing flooding in the basement around March 25, 2016, the complaint states.

Their insurance company initially paid to repair some water damage in their basement, and they installed two sump pumps in addition to the one they already had. But, the flooding continued, causing significant damage to the basement, the complaint states.

The women contacted the city again April 1, 2016 to ask if there was a leak in the city’s water line, but the city said it did not find one, the complaint states. In its response, the city agreed that this took place.

Source : Denver Post