Midterm campaigns barrel forward after election-season violence | Carter wades into Georgia governor’s race


Midterm campaigning continues after wave of violence: In the wake of a wave of election-season violence, the contentious midterm campaign has barreled forward with little pause, an Associated Press report said. President Donald Trump and other politicians disavowed last week’s pipe bomb packages and condemned the past weekend’s massacre of 11 people at a Pittsburgh synagogue, but the divisiveness that has dominated the nation’s politics has kept creeping back, the report added.

Protesters interrupted a Senate campaign rally by Rep. Marsha Blackburn on Sunday, including when the Tennessee Republican called for a moment of silence for the Pittsburgh victims, a Wall Street Journal story noted.

Carter thrusts himself into Georgia governor’s race: Former Democratic President Jimmy Carter, 94, has waded into the contentious Georgia governor’s race with a personal appeal to Republican candidate Brian Kemp, according to an AP report. Carter has asked Kemp to resign as secretary of state to avoid damaging public confidence in the outcome of his hotly contested matchup with Democrat Stacey Abrams.

“One of the key requirements for a fair and trusted process is that there be a nonbiased supervision of the electoral process,” the ex-president wrote in an Oct. 22 letter obtained by the AP.

Kellyanne Conway defends Trump: Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway was trending Monday morning on Twitter after defending the president in a CNN appearance.

“The president is trying to heal the country, but you’re cherry-picking certain tweets,” Conway told CNN’s John Berman, according to a Raw Story report. “In the case of Maxine Waters, she went first.” Berman had read her a list of divisive statements the president had made in the last few days, noting Trump had “called Tom Steyer [the billionaire hedge fund manager who has funded his own anti-Trump television ads], who received a bomb in the mail last week, a lunatic” and had “been very critical of the media.”

Trump and Pelosi dominate ads aimed at rallying and repelling voters: Trump and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi are featured in tens of thousands of ads, suggesting Republicans and Democrats are trying to galvanize their bases ahead of the pivotal midterm elections, according to a Journal report.

More than 16% of ads in Senate and House races across the country mention Trump, and about 8% include Pelosi, according to a Journal analysis of Kantar Media/CMAG data. Topics that have consumed Washington—the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and the probe into Russian interference in the last presidential election, for example—are barely a blip in the political advertising that’s instead calling out the respective leadership.

Michael Avenatti is building a machine for a 2020 presidential campaign: Michael Avenatti has assembled a team of Democratic political veterans who are helping him coordinate meetings with donors, connect with national and state party officials, craft messaging and build out a digital fundraising apparatus designed to enable a 2020 presidential bid, a Politico report noted.

The Los Angeles-based attorney most famous for representing porn star Stormy Daniels said Sunday he intends to move forward in his preparations with a team of 12 core political advisers, some on an informal or part-time basis, the report added.

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