Mobile pre-retail sale inspection service rolls out in San Francisco


Despite how much your dealership might highlight the quality of vehicles in your used inventory, some potential buyers still might want to have a mechanic conduct an inspection.

That’s a service Curbee, a mobile car-repair company, now is looking to provide.

Created two years ago by the builders of Tesla and Lyft’s mobile car care services, Curbee on Thursday launched its mobile used-vehicle inspection service, which includes a 50+ point inspection performed by mechanics at the location of the vehicle that’s meant to spot potential issues before purchase.

According to a news release, Curbee’s 50+ point checklist consists of both external and internal checks, some of which includes:

—Engine bay, including air filter, brake fluid, cooling system hoses, and drive belt

—Suspension parts including cv boots, struts and shocks, and tire rod ball joints

—Tires and brakes, including calipers, rotors, and brake lines

—Dashboard warning lights

—Exterior lights

—Seat belt and seat adjustments

—Window switches and sunroof functionality

—Door locks and key fobs

—AC and heat temperature

—Backup camera and side mirror adjustment

Curbee’s used-car inspection will be available to consumers in the San Francisco Bay Area for a flat rate of $99.

To date, the company said it has completed more than 10,000 successful appointments in the Bay Area.

“Understanding what you buy before you buy is a must for every other major consumer purchase, and a used car is no different,” Curbee chief executive officer Denise Leleux said. “Purchasing a used car without a thorough inspection runs the risk of missing issues that can lead to consumers overpaying for a vehicle and long-term problems down the road.

Consumers’ car care experience is our number one priority, and Curbee’s seamless Used Car Inspection mitigates these risks, saving consumers money and assuring them that their car is in tip-top shape,” Leleux went on to say.

Source : AutoFinanceNews