Mueller’s team to file sentencing recommendation on Manafort in Virginia case


The prosecutors asked a federal judge in Virginia to schedule a second sentencing hearing “as soon as practicable” for Trump’s former 2016 campaign chair.

They plan to file a sentencing submission Friday in this case, where Manafort was convicted in August by a jury for financial crimes.

“Because the DC Court has determined that Manafort intentionally lied to the government, and the breach of the agreement was conceded by the defendant and found by the DC Court, the government submits there are no outstanding issues warranting delay in proceeding to sentencing before this Court,” prosecutors wrote.

The filing will be the first opportunity for the Special Counsel’s Office to summarize the criminal activity Manafort engaged in, the remorse he’s shown and the help he gave them, if any.

It will also be the first time the Mueller team is likely to give an exact number of how long they believe Manafort’s prison sentence should be.

His sentence, ultimately, will be up to the judge alone. Ellis hasn’t set a sentencing date.

Previous sentencing submissions from Mueller have outlined in detail major moments in their investigation — from how they first began investigating a crime, to describing scenes in which they confronted a defendant, to how the defendant fit into the special counsel’s work.

The eight financial crimes for which Manafort was convicted in Virginia — bank fraud, tax fraud and other financial crimes related to the money he earned working for Ukrainian politicians — have much higher consequences than the two charges he pleaded guilty to in Washington federal court when he agreed to cooperate.

Manafort is likely to be sentenced in the Washington case first, which is set for March 13. His sentencing recommendation in the Washington case won’t come in until next Friday. The prosecution team has notified Judge T.S. Ellis about the finding that Manafort broke his plea deal in that case.

It’s unknown whether Manafort’s Washington sentencing recommendation will spell out what happened during his cooperation or if it will touch on his additional crimes outside of the financial trial.

Source : Nbcnewyork