Netflix Hasn’t Renewed Season 3 Yet and Twitter is Furious – Today’s News: Our Take


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That awkward moment when you have everyone’s attention and … well, nothing happens.

Netflix hosted a Television Critics Association (TCA) summer press tour panel for GLOW — its hit series about the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, of course — and while many were expecting that the streaming service would announced that a third season would be coming soon, that’s not what happened.

“These panels are usually to announce a Season 3, unfortunately we don’t have a Season 3 [yet],” Carly Mensch revealed during the panel, breaking hearts. On the bright side, she and co-creator Liz Flahive have talked about what they’d like to do if they they go-ahead for the next season — in Las Vegas.

“We have a lot of dreams for how we’re going to shoot the show. We’re not going to give away exactly what our intentions are,” Mensch said. “[But], Las Vegas has changed a lot since 1986, so unfortunately a lot of locations we’d like to shoot in are not there anymore.”

Instead, the cast and showrunners spent their time talking about the second season, which is already old news at this point, and Twitter was not having it.

They used the show’s own GIF-able moments to revolt.

And the fact that the EPs themselves didn’t even know if it’d happen yet was crazier than Sheila’s makeup and hair routine.

The timing was so, so perfect for some Season 3 news, guys.

In the spirit of the show, people were pretty much ready to fight.

All hope is not lost, of course.

But the crowd was about as stunned by this missed opportunity as the moment when Liberty Belle got a little too patriotic with Zoya on-stage.

Glow is currently streaming on Netflix.

Source : TVGuide