Northeastern’s law school mistakenly sent acceptance letters to over 4,000 applicants



More than 4,000 current and former law school applicants received the exciting news that they had been accepted to Northeastern University’s law school last week. There was just one problem: The acceptance letters were sent by mistake, according to the university.

The university sent the “erroneous email” on Monday to a total of 205 current applicants due to a “technical error,” according to a statement from Northeastern University shared with CNN.

The university said 3,930 applicants from last year also received the mistaken email.

“Admissions decisions will not be finalized until later in the academic year,” the statement said.

The law school “quickly sent a clarifying email explaining the error,” according to the statement. “Individual outreach is also taking place to applicants with concerns.”

“The School of Law deeply regrets this unintended mistake and is taking steps to ensure that it will not happen in the future.”

The law school at Northeastern University, located in Boston, enrolled 234 students for the 2022 school year, according to its website. A total of 3,877 students applied for admission.

Source : Nbcnewyork