Now Therapists Have to Figure Out Astrology, Tarot and Psychedelics


In New York and Chicago, it’s ayahuasca, tarot readings, astrology and mediums. In Austin, Tex.: crystals, ayahuasca and mediums. In D.C. … well … it’s a little more along the straight and narrow.

According to many therapists who spoke to The New York Times, the patients bringing up these approaches in general tend to skew female, younger and more affluent, though many practitioners reported patients of all ages expressing interest.

When these topics do emerge, mental health professionals often see them as ripe for exploration.

“Am I looking up what a person’s sign is?” Dr. Ruan said. “No.” But she has scoured research journals for studies on ayahuasca and watched documentaries on kambo, a secretion from Amazonian tree frogs touted for its healing powers. She has connected with hypnotherapists and somatic healers when clients have raved about them, to better understand what they do, though she doesn’t refer patients to such practitioners.

In fact, one psychic, whom Dr. Ruan has not met, has made several referrals to her.

Occasionally, her open-mindedness has led to breakthroughs. She recalled a patient who played an hour-and-a-half-long recording of her psychic reading over the course of two sessions. “We listened to it together, and we talked about it,” Dr. Ruan said. “For her, it was really an opening and brought up grief about a lost loved one.”

In Chicago, Nicolle Osequeda, a therapist and the clinical director of Lincoln Park Therapy Group, said that some of her patients who have lost loved ones are seeking out mediums to feel a connection. She also hears from clients who have seen intuitive healers and done reiki.

“I don’t find them to be competing things,” Ms. Osequeda said. “I do very different things than a reiki practitioner does.” In general, she supports the use of any safe methods that her patients find helpful.

Source : Nytimes