NYPD Officers Save Toddler Who Wasn’t Breathing: Police


A chance meeting with a patrol car may have saved one toddler’s life. 

Little Alexander Ramirez was being rushed to the hospital on Wednesday by his mother and grandmother because he had stopped breathing, the NYPD said. The 22-month-old was unconscious. 

That’s when they saw a patrol car at the intersection of 104th Street and Northern Boulevard in Queens. They pulled up and said they needed help. 

Officers took the baby, mom and grandma in their patrol car and sped off with lights on and siren blaring to Elmhurst Hospital. 

On the way, one of the officers sat in the back seat with Alexander and performed CPR, police said. 

At the hospital, both officers and family handed Alexander over to medical staff. He regained consciousness and went back home that evening, police said.  

Officers FaceTimed with Alexander and his mom, who were in the Dominican Republic, for a wellness check on Friday.

Source : Nbcnewyork