Omarosa accused by Trump’s presidential campaign of violating confidentiality pact


Donald Trump’s presidential campaign filed a complaint against former White House official and campaign aide Omarosa Manigault Newman, alleging she violated a confidentiality agreement signed during his 2016 presidential bid.

A Trump campaign official said in a brief statement Tuesday that the claim was filed with the American Arbitration Association of New York City. The statement doesn’t specify how Ms. Manigault Newman might have violated the agreement.

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A book by Manigault Newman covering her 11-month stint as a senior White House official went on sale Tuesday. In the run-up to the book’s release, she released recordings of conversations with Trump, White House chief of staff John Kelly and various 2016 campaign aides.

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The arbitration complaint came after President Trump escalated his attack on Manigault Newman, who had teamed with him on his reality TV show. On Twitter on Tuesday, he called Manigault Newman a “dog” while denying her contention that he used a racial slur.

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