Pit Bull Attacks Dog After Driver Lets It Loose on New Jersey Street


A family dog is recovering after a terrifying ordeal in his New Jersey neighborhood, and so are his owners.

On Monday afternoon, someone pulled over in a dark sedan and let out a pit bull that started roaming around the area in Carlstadt, right where many children and other dogs play, according to Doreen Curreri.

At first the pit bull didn’t bother anyone; then it raced across Broad and 7th and went on the attack. 

“We turned to walk, and all of a sudden the dog rushed over and attacked,” said Curreri. 

The Curreris’ 4-year-old mixed-breed dog named Gavin thought the pit bull wanted to play. Instead, the strange dog ripped into Gavin’s hindquarters as his owners tried to separate the two. 

“It seemed like forever, but luckily we got the dogs apart, the cops came and took the dog,” said Curreri. 

Police took the pit bull into custody and have been trying to track down the driver of the car that let out the pit bull.

Gavin is still shaken up, and is stuck with a cone and a few stitches, according to his owners. But they’re thankful that it wasn’t worse. 

“I just hope they catch these people. Whoever it is, it’s a very inhumane thing to do,” said Brian Curreri. 

Source : Nbcnewyork