Pizza a la Brexit – with extra referendum


A leaflet on a table inside the Apollo Pizzeria, in London, Britain, January 22, 2019. REUTERS/Henry Nicholls

LONDON (Reuters) – Like many small-scale entrepreneurs in Britain, Oliver Kenny, says disarray over Brexit has left his business in limbo – but he’s hoping customers at his London pizzeria can help sort out the mess in exchange for discounted dinners.

He’s offering 25 percent off pizzas to patrons who’ve written to their MPs to ask for a second referendum.

“I’m not anti-Brexit, but I do want Brexit to go away,” Kenny said. “I buy a lot of fresh cheese from Italy that can’t stay in a lorry park in Calais. I’d like to know my supply chain (and) …I’m unable to plan that at the moment.”

Kenny, who sources his tinned tomatoes and flour from Naples, also worries about future staffing.

Five of his team at the Apollo Pizzeria in London’s Stoke Newington come from mainland Europe.

“If I’m going to have visa (or) paperwork (issues) … I would like to know about that as quickly as possible.”

David Quinn, one of about 20 customers attracted by the deal, called it brilliant.

“It gets people interested,” he said. “A lot of people seem to think that a no-deal Brexit means everything remains the same. Of course it doesn’t, it’s an absolute disaster.” 

Reporting by Helena Williams; Writing by John Stonestreet; Editing by Marie-Louise Gumuchian

Source : Reuters