Prodigy’s new San Francisco office to help with sustained growth



Prodigy describes itself as a seamless online-to-in-store sales platform for car dealerships, and the company says it has seen sustained growth with the addition of several large dealer groups.

To keep up with that growth, Prodigy has expanded into new offices in San Francisco. The company says that with the larger office space, it will increase its capabilities in product research and development, as well as improve service for its auto dealer clients. The new location is at 211 Sutter St., Suite 200 in San Francisco.

Prodigy says it is also one of the digital retailing vendors that recently earned certification for the Toyota Dealer Digital Solutions Certified Website Program. The company says that program, which started in March, helps vendors better meet dealer needs and focus on the evolving behaviors and expectations of consumers.

Prodigy said it designed its patent-pending SaaS platform to enable an easier transition from online to in-store sales and vice versa. That, according to Prodigy, allows dealers to engage their online and in-store customers through delivery of “a consistent, modern experience with one platform.” It increases profits and builds trust, while also reducing sales turnover, according to the company.

The public’s shopping methods have evolved, said Prodigy chief executive officer Michia Rohrssen. For almost 20 years, however, the tools that dealerships use to interact with customers have remained the same, Rohrssen saId.

Prodigy says it is changing that.

“We enable our dealers to deliver a seamless, engaging experience for their shoppers,” Rohrssen said. “When an online shopper visits one of our dealer’s websites, they can browse and compare available vehicles, but they can also act; get insight into discounts and sales, calculate loan options, apply for financing or pick a protection plan. Shoppers can even complete a transaction and schedule pickup or delivery immediately.”

Rohrssen added, “Most shoppers still want to see the vehicle in person, and our platform allows them to pick up right where they left off as we provide the dealer will all the actions the shopper has taken up to that point.”

For auto dealerships seeking a next-generation product that improves all aspects of the customer experience, Prodigy said it has engineered and tuned the platform to those dealerships’ specific needs.

Prodigy enables online or in-store sales — or a bidirectional blend of sales between the two — and ensures process management compliance, full lender/factory/credit bureau integration and various sales experience enhancements. Those enhancements include on-lot driver license scanning for instant drive tests. Prodigy said the platform fully integrates with all legacy systems and dealer-specific software.

With new additions to the platform, Prodigy said salespeople can focus more on the customer rather than administrative work. That, according to Prodigy, helps to decrease a car’s selling time by about 45 minutes, if not more.

Predictive inventory filters, based on the customer’s expectations, automatically narrow down cars. With built-in communication tools, salespeople can receive answers instantly from managers on important questions such as whether they can offer a discount to complete the sale.

“Prodigy works with the dealer’s existing software and sales process, so their team can embrace digital retail without extensive retraining or switching software costs,” Rohrssen said. “Seamless integrations mean our average dealer sells over 30 cars with Prodigy in their first week alone.”

Source : AutoFinanceNews